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Due Diligence


Due Diligence

The main purpose of Due Diligence (due diligence or simply due dil), which is translated from English as “ensuring due integrity,” is to provide the Client with objective information about all significant aspects of the activity of the research object. At the same time, such an object can be not only a legal entity, but also individual real estate objects, land plots, and individual facts of economic life, including transactions and operations. In the process of providing services, auditors, tax consultants, appraisers and lawyers analyze and assess the main tax, financial, economic, legal, valuation and reputational risks of the research object.

When should Due Diligence be carried out?

Due Diligence
дью дилидженс

What we do during the Due Diligence procedure:

We will be happy to hold an acquaintance meeting with you to clarify all details and requests and provide consultation on setting up the Due Diligence process